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I bought my first Polaroid-camera in 2006. It was a 635, one of the classic fixed-focus "get our camera cheap - buy lots of our expensive film".

That 635 was a fun camera, but I soon learned about the SX70, which is the real prime camera if you want to shoot integral-film1. I acquired a few SX70'es, and later a SLR6802.

Film was expensive, but back then Unsaleable3 sold cheap expired film. And then just three years later, Polaroid stopped their film-production. I already had a pretty good stock of film, and when I heard the news I bought even more. Fortunately The Impossible Project has now started film-production again, although the new film is not quite there yet.

Most, if not all, of the polaroids on this page were captured with either the SX70 or the SLR680. The film used is mostly 600 and 779 - some of it expired. In recent times I have begun using the film from The Impossible Project, where my favorite choice is their Silver Shade film.

  1. Integral-film refers to film that is self-containable, and comes in a filmpack with built-in battery for the camera. The "other" available film i packfilm. With packfilm you will have to keep an eye on development-time, and peel apart the image when appropriate. If your cameras uses batteries for the shutter or a lightmeter, you have to add these yourself.
  2. The SLR680 has autofocus and a built in flash. It also takes 600-film, whereas the SX70 uses TimeZero-film. The major difference is the ISO. 600-film is ISO 640 and TimeZero is ISO 125. Both cameras can be easily modified to use either type of film.
  3. Unsaleable was an outlet from Lomography. It later turned into "The Impossible Project".